Naomi and Ruth

Naomi and Ruth

Saturday, April 16, 2011

We are moving forward

Today has been a day full of progress toward our trip/adoption. First, we had a meeting with our team going to Haiti, and not only met new faces, but also gained more excitment towards our trip. We spoke with Michael Robison on skype, and got some questions answered. I'll admit, I am a little scared, but I am confident in God's strength we'll bring glory to His name!

All week, we've planned that today would be a day of paperwork frenzy to accomplish a list we haven't had time  to tackle. We made a dent, but now have a new list of calls, and visits to accomplish this week. We know this journey won't be easy, but we are encouraged at the process we are making so far.

2 passports on their way: check!
3 official birth certificates on the way: check!
4 criminal record checks in progress: check!
4 child abuse clearnaces: check!
lots of bank papers copied: check!

That's a good start for one day. We had a couple hold ups, and I'll need to call when offices are open this week, but our file is starting to take shape. More to come....

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