Naomi and Ruth

Naomi and Ruth

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

They have agreed!!!

A little background:
One of the first decisions we knew we had to make once we made the commitment to our Lord to begin the process of adoption, was to choose an agency to guide us to our child. Choosing an agency is possibly one of the hardest decisions along the way...ok there have already been a couple challenging decisions that I hope to share in days to come, but I want to fast forward to help bring you up to date.

Almost a month ago, we met with our Pastor to seek his guidance and wisdom as we realized are facing something much larger than ourselves. He offered us many encouraging words, and tangible advice. As we spoke, he mentioned a friend of his whom we had met in January, 2011 named Michael Robison. I knew Michael had a passion for adoption, and I knew he had adopted a beautiful little girl from Ethiopia early in 2010. Our Pastor also reminded us of the oportunity to join our church's team  to Haiti planned this June. He suggested if we were sensing a call to international adotion, this would be a perfect opportunity to take a step in that direction. What we DIDN"T know at that time is that, Michael Robison, who is leading our team to Haiti in June, is also personally in the midst of adopting from Haiti currnetly.  AND he has a team that is beginning to facilitate Haitian you see where I am going???

Yes, we are going to Haiti on a mission trip with Zion Church this June, because we feel God leading us in that direction to reach our child. The seed of adoption was planted in our hearts first, and the trip to Haiti has followed God's perfect timing and preparation in our hearts.

After some emails, phone call and more emails, we have picked Michael Robison's brain. He has offered us so much advice my legal pad is filling up! His answer to my question, "where do we start?" was for us to pray, pRaY, PRAY that this is truely a call from God, and not our own desire.  Then he said he'd have to ask his team if they were willing to take on another family to begin the arduous process, if we were wanting to go that direction.  (They have only completed 6 adoptions, so their organization is brand new at accepting families.) But they are in the midst of the poverty and wreckage and broken lives in Haiti. They are the hands and feet in the orphanages.

 As much as we want to "help" give a home to an orphan, and as appealling as it sounds to add to our family, and all the other reasons we are drawn to adoption; we believe in order for our journey to be successful, it has to be God's will for our family! Any other reason, albeit noble, is really of selfish motivation, and will fail :(

We did pray and have prayed incessantly together, with our boys, and independantly for weeks about this decision. We have asked friends to pray, and I ask that you will continue!  We truely feel it is God's leading and believe He has put this desire in our hearts for a purpose.  We desire to be obedient to His will, and have committed to perservere til we bring our child home.

We have begun the paperwork gathering stage, and are working on more presently. We know there is a mountain ahead of us, but we know God can get us there!!

Fast Forward to today:
........SOOOO, we contacted Michael, and asked if his team would agree to take us on. We have been waiting for almost 2 weeks for his answer. We received his answer tonight.......They have agreed!!!

Here we go!!!