Naomi and Ruth

Naomi and Ruth

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Surprise blessings

Don't you just love it when God blesses you in a way you haven't even asked!?!?!   I mean, there are things I pray for, and know I am supposed to wait on God's timing (doing that a lot lately), but then there are times you know God has protected you, like driving past an accident that you know you could have been in, if you hadn't been held up a minute before?  Or like receiving news  that the trip to Haiti we are taking has been paid-in-full by someone without us even mentioning a need?! 

A blessing, indeed!  Paid-in-full! Thank you, Lord for knowing our every need and for working in someone's heart without us speaking it. Thank you to you, friend, for your obedience to God! You WILL be blessed. I don't doubt that! We are so thankful for this opportunity to go to Haiti in June. It's on our minds all day every day. There are so many ways we are seeing God's hand in this planning.

First of all, for a couple weeks we spent time writing and laboring over the words to "tactfully" use to ask for money towards our trip, and in turn, our adoption.  This is not an easy step for us, but we are learning there's a lesson in pride to be learned. We had only just gotten the letter finished, with proofing help from a friend (thanks Jen!). We haven't even gotten a chance to print it when we received news that someone has given ALL we need for BOTH of us to go to Haiti!

Secondly, God has opened up an opportunity for me to put my 'degree to work' temporarily. I am working part time for 10 weeks as I fill in for a maternity leave. This is providing extra income for us to put directly towards the funds we need to start our adoption.

Also, the "practice" of being away from my boys is part of God's plan too. I admit it's one that I really, really, really don't like, but it is preparing my boys and me for the week we will be separated in June.  Please continue to pray for our whole family concerning this! It is truely heavy on my heart. This first week of being away from them has been more difficult than I had imagined.  But I am so thankful for God's provison, and for the testimony it is for our boys to see the way He provides for our EVERY need (whether mommy is there or not).

There are so many more generous blessings we've experienced and are seeing in our lives daily. The friends that showered us with  bags and bags of  items too numerous to list. The offer of 'handy man work' for Jason so he can earn money to put towards our adoption. The help of friends watching our boys out of kindness so we can put the money towards our upcoming fees. A husband that is sweet enough to sacrifice restaurant meals, to save money in any way we can bring our child home.  We are experiencing God's goodness everyday through, you--- our friends. You are the hands and feet of Jesus. We are humbled, and we thank you!

We know we will continue to have needs, financially. We believe God will call others to give. I'm not asking for money, but I am asking that you seek God's leading in your heart and if you feel His leading that you will want to donate to our adoption costs. I am working on setting up a Pay Pal link, so donations can be made here......coming soon :o)

Once again, we say THANK YOU!



  1. Melissa! How exciting all this news is! I am excited to pray for you and your family and totally pumped to see how the Lord will lead you!

  2. That is super amazing!Sending prayers your way for adoption funds......

  3. Goosebumps and tears... Love you!

  4. It truly is amazing how God is able and willing to provide when we faithfully give our needs and anxieties to Him.