Naomi and Ruth

Naomi and Ruth

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girls

We have tried as a family to make today special as we honored our daughters' first birthday together...without them. As we made cupcakes together we discussed frosting them pink (a new color in our house of 3 sons!). We practiced teaching the boys some of the words Ruth and Naomi are learning. We practiced counting in French, and saying the alphabet. It seemed very simple for the boys, and it was great that they've already learned some words in Spanish- it made it so much easier to explain that our sisters are learning a diferent language, too. (Thank you to Mrs. Whitling and Seniora Crawford!)

We made a special new menu for dinner and set places for all 3 of our new babies coming.  I predict the boys will be experts in addition as much as they repeat 3+3=6 and 5+2=7, and 3 boys +2 girls+1 more=6.  We really had a good day as a family, remembering Ruth and Naomi's birthday.  Each one of us prayed specifically for them after we sang 'Happy Birthday'. I am very impressed at what the older 2 boys seem to understand, and it excites me to see them excited.

But as I was trying to carefully explain that they might have another birthday before they get to come home, Jacob questioned me, "I thought you said they would only have one birthday before we brought them home".
This broke my heart. I had forgotten that before we left for Haiti, we were explaining the length of the process and what to expect when we returned. I was fearing they would expect us to return with a baby, so we prepared them that our baby would have a birthday before he or she got to come home with us. Tonight I stopped in my tracks as he innocently asked that, not understanding why it would take so long.

Honestly, there's a lot I don't undestand as to why it takes so long. It has been something I've tried my best to accept and respect without questioning, but today it feels like it's going to take forever. It's been a hard week for me. Knowing that their birthday has been approaching, and feeling like we aren't moving forward right now at all has had me fighting depression. I trust that God's timing is perfect and He has already had this whole time schedule planned even before we met our girls, but I admit, I never realized the difficulties that we would experience dealing with two different cultures.

I have been praying that we will be able to bring them home BEFORE their birthday next year, and after his comment, I will continue to pray specifically for that! Please, would you join me in praying for this week? That we would make the contacts necessary and that we would make progress on this journey.

We have felt so loved by each one of you, and we appreciate the support you have each given. We know we will  continue to need ears and shoulders of friends like you along the way. Thank you for being a friend, like Jesus calls us to be!

.......And Happy 1st Birthday Ruth and Naomi!!! We love you so much! We miss your beautiful smiles, your silly giggles, and your glowing eyes! We can't wait for you to meet your older brothers! They are so excited to meet you!! They have so much to teach you, and they want to protect you, like big brothers should. We are anxious to learn about fairies and princesses, to learn more Creole, and to eat Haitian food more often. We can't wait to teach you how to throw a baseball, how to jump a ramp with your bike, and how to climb trees (even in a skirt). You are loved! We want you know to that, and we are so anxious to hold you tight again!

Your mommy!

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